Titans Take Care of A.L. on the Road

Posted: 01/30/2012 - by

The L.C. boys (10-5) started off hot and kept up the pace as they easily handled Abraham Lincoln(1-17) on the road with a score of 64-31.  Quickly jumping out to a 17-2 first quarter lead, the titans found their rhythm with season leading scorer Josiah Sheppard leading the way.  Adding an additional 21 in the second quarter the Titan boys had a halftime lead 38-16 and never took their foot off the gas.  With contributions coming from everyone, the well rounded Titans are looking good and do not show signs of letting up.

Josiah Sheppard led all scores with 18 but great hustle by Alex Reed landed him 12 points with 7 rebounds, Darius McCarther added 10 and the big man down low chipped in 7 points with 10 rebounds.  The LC defense held the Lynx top scorer, Sean Smith, to only 2 points and has only allowed 55 points in the last two games.

LC: Darius McCarther 10, Alex Reed 12 (7R), Trent Rudolph 1, Tony Rew 4, Josiah Shepherd 18, LaMar Conner 7 (10R), Lincoln Rodenburg 6, Jaden Brouse 2, Matt Andersen 4.


The 15-1 Lady Titans continue their winning streak as they stepped it up in the 4th quarter and came away with a victory against 7-11 Abraham Lincoln.  Delaney Higgins, who is averaging a shade over 9 points a game, ended up with 15 on the night and helped secure the win for the Lady Titans.  With only a 4 point lead at halftime, the game was kept close till the 4th quarter when the Titans outscored the Lynx 11-6 and came away with 44-36 victory.

Liz Sieleman and Natalie Madsen both had 8 points and Paige Flores stepped up her scoring and dropped 10.  The LC girls are on a hot streak and try to continue their magic this Monday against Carrol Kuemper. 

LC: Delaney Higgins 15, Natalie Madsen 8, Aubrey Norville 3, Paige Flores 10, Liz Sieleman 8.


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