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12/20/2013 Titans vs TJ Highlites Girls
06/14/2007 Glenwood vs Lewis Central BoysB
02/10/2015 LC vs AL BB
01/19/2015 LC vs TJ BB
12/06/2014 LC vs Denison Girls BB
12/06/2014 LC vs Denison Boys BB
02/07/2014 Lewis Central vs St Albert Boys BoysBB
02/07/2014 Lewis Central vs St. Albert Girls GirlsBB
12/19/2013 TJ vs LC GirlsBB
02/10/2012 LC vs Clarinda BoysBB
02/07/2012 LC vs Harlan BoysBB
01/27/2012 LC vs Shenandoah BoysBB
01/19/2012 LC vs St Albert GirlsBB
01/13/2012 LC vs Glenwood GirlsBB
01/06/2012 LC vs Harlan GirlsBB
12/04/2007 V - Lewis Central @ Glenwood GirlsBB
12/04/2007 JV - Lewis Central @ Glenwood GirlsBB
01/31/2006 Lewis Central @ Atlantic BoysBB
01/20/2006 V - LC @ Glenwood BoysBB
04/15/2008 Into the Woods Spotlight 2007 EV
08/25/2017 LC vs Harlan BoysFB
10/28/2016 LC vs Des Moines Valley BoysFB
10/14/2016 LC vs TJ BoysFB
09/30/2016 LC vs Des Moines Hoover FB
09/09/2016 LC vs SC North FB
08/26/2016 LC vs Harlan FB
11/06/2015 LC vs Dowling BoysFB
11/02/2015 LV vs Ankeny High BoysFB
10/28/2015 LC vs Urbandale BoysFB
10/23/2015 LC vs Des Moines Roosevelt FB
10/16/2015 LC vs. Johnston BoysFB
10/09/2015 LC vs SC East FB
10/02/2015 LC vs Des Moines North FB
09/25/2015 LC vs Dowling BoysFB
09/11/2015 LC vs Harlan FB
08/28/2015 LC vs Sergeant Bluff-Luton FB
11/03/2014 LC vs Ankeny FB
10/24/2014 LC vs DM Roosevelt FB
10/17/2014 LC vs. Johnston BoysFB
10/10/2014 LC vs. Sioux City East BoysFB
10/03/2014 LC vs. Des Moines North BoysFB
09/26/2014 LC vs. WDM Dowling BoysFB
09/19/2014 LC vs. TJ BoysFB
09/12/2014 LC vs. Harlan BoysFB
09/05/2014 LC vs AL BoysFB
09/27/2013 ADM vs. LC BoysFB
09/20/2013 Atlantic vs. LC BoysFB
09/13/2013 Indianola vs. LC BoysFB
09/06/2013 Lewis Central vs St. Albert Boysfb
08/29/2013 L.C. vs. A.L Varsity BoysFB
10/27/2008 Highlight - Kickoff Return BoysFB
10/27/2008 Highlight - Senior Night BoysFB
10/08/2008 Titans Banner Break BoysFB
09/23/2005 LC vs Glenwood Football BoysFB
01/19/2015 LC vs TJ GB
04/04/2006 Ram Relays BoysTR
09/11/2013 Titan Volleyball Highlights GirlsVB
10/16/2006 9th VB LC vs Atlantic GirlsVB
10/16/2006 TJ vs LC 9th Championship GirlsVB
10/16/2006 9th - LC vs GWood GirlsVB
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